Sig Tacops shoots 16" low at 20 yards!

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Sig Tacops shoots 16" low at 20 yards!

Postby TTro33 » Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:28 pm

Hello, I have a Sig Tacops Carry which hits about 16" low at 20 yards with a light Thompson Machine ISIS 2 monocore. The same suppressor on 2 9mm CZ's actually makes the POI slightly high. On the Tacops which I had for years I have to line up the bottom of the front sight s with the top of the rear to hit anything. Indexing it changes nothing. I finally sent it in to Sig and paid $55 for shipping and just got it back and they said it shot fine with their suppressor and gave me the target from 20 yards. What is going on, there is play in the barrel bushing and vertical wiggle on the slide, could it be the booster? They did ship it back with a an 8 round Wilson combat mag, the pistol is still worthless suppressed, I wish I knew someone else with a can to narrow the problem down.


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