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I was invited to this forum by the administrators, so I thought I give you a quick introduction to our company and make myself available for questions if you have them.

AMTAC Suppressors was started as a side project at Advance Manufacturing Technology—a contract CNC shop that works for places like the Department of Defense, SpaceX, and GE Medical.

The owner of the company is a left-handed shooter who bought a couple of rifle suppressors and quickly realized that the increased gas blowback from traditional designs was a huge disadvantage when using a can on gas-operated rifles. He created the first prototype of our initial product, the CQB556, to solve the problem for himself.

Now AMTAC has four different models of suppressors, each available in 5.56mm and 7.62mm options—with a new product on the way in October.

You can learn about us (or just look at some eye candy) here...

website: www.amtacsuppressors.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/amtacsuppressors
Facebook: www.facebook.com/amtacsuppressors/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/amtacsuppressors/

If you have any questions about our company, our product, or have feedback after shooting one of our cans, feel free to contact me at adam@amtacsuppressors.com

And if you're in the Salt Lake City area and want to shoot one of our cans for yourself, give me a holler and we'll work it out.

See you at the range,


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